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Copylefted, distribute, perform, translate, perform the music that has been transferred and publicly perform the Music and to make the music available to persons in the public via the Internet in digital or physical form for the purpose of use and commercial exchange, but not for further commercial distribution. Artist agrees to grant the Publisher rights to reproduce and digitally distribute the Music, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth in this Agreement. Producer agrees to grant the Publisher such other rights or permissions of a similar nature as the Publisher may request in connection with the use of the Music, including without limitation the right of first publication, and rights in all forms of media, including but not limited to film, television, film clips and images. 2. Copyright Registration. Subject to this Agreement, the Publisher may elect to register and, upon written receipt of any valid copyright registration information, register.

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In addition, you have the right to (1) use and distribute such musical works in accordance with any terms that are applicable to any other licensee of your choice in connection with your distribution and use of such musical works; and (2) use and permit anyone other than the Licensing Entity or its authorized representative to use, license, or reproduce such musical works under any terms, including without limitation any term as in these Terms of Use where such uses would be fair-use, non-commercial, or fair dealing, but the foregoing guarantee grants no other license or benefit except in case one or more of the above conventional licenses are not available for the particular musical works. Licensing will be made from the Licensing Entity's facilitated online account. Please make sure your account details are correct; if your account details don't exist it may be . Alternatively contact  The Licensing Entity  or  Licensing Agent for such rights.

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DOCX, and TXT in all file formats. These files also include the licenses and contact details, as shown on the following picture. If the file is not ready, check out our sample files to create your own Music License Agreements and/or Contact Information for MS Word, PDF, etc. Note: The sample files are only intended as proof-of-concepts. They are not guaranteed to be up to compliance with the current Microsoft license agreement. Please be advised that they were created to showcase the usage of these terms and may not be up-to-date. However, all are considered to be “working examples”, and as such, should be considered as reliable by all parties. For more information and assistance, please check out our Knowledgeable.

music licensing agreement - as220

Artist”) worldwide right, title, and interest in, to and otherwise has the right to create and publish any type of entertainment-related artwork at home or other places, in any medium and at any time. The “Artist's Work('') may contain no copyright notice anywhere on or within such artwork. 2. PRODUCER GRANT : Artist hereby grants AS220 the worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, ?. (“Artist”) perpetual right, title, and interest in, to and otherwise has the right to create and publish any type of entertainment-related video, audio/video and other content at home or other places, in any medium and with or without compensation. The “Producer's Work('') may include no copyright notice anywhere on or within such content. 3. LICENSE: For the purposes of this License, the following definitions apply: (“LICENSE:••) 1) “Licensor” means AS220, its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies and/or each of its owners, officers, and directors, and.

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Is a property right that comes from a written or printed work (or, in the case of performances, from any other performance in a form that has been recorded, such as by a recording studio), and protects the creative work created by the artist over a certain period of time. This legal property means that the artist has an exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, and teach others to do so, even in a physical form.